What’s one more…Baby #4!

What’s one more…Baby #4!


“How do you know when you’re done?”

I think this is a pretty common question women – and maybe just families in general – wonder about.  When do you know that you’re done having babies, and that your family is complete?  I’m in a ladies group that meets once a month, and at our last outing, we were actually discussing this very topic.  As a group of 12 women, we are across the spectrum when it comes to life experiences, careers, family goals, etc, so it’s always fun to discuss big topics when there are so many perspectives.

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Boston Pizza: Future Prospects

Boston Pizza: Future Prospects

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They say the first man in every girl’s life is her father, and for me, this was certainly true.

I was blessed with a good father. It’s not just that he provided for our family and created a safe home for me to grow up in where all of my needs were met. Although I’m certainly grateful for those things, because I know they aren’t necessarily a given for every child – it was so much more.

I have one of those “tough love, soft place to land, number one fan, you-can-do-anything, play on the floor, ice cream for breakfast” kind of dads. My dad was truly the most important person in my world, and growing up I could hardly imagine a scenario in which he wouldn’t know exactly what to do. Let’s just be honest, I still have trouble imagining it.

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2017: Comfort & Joy

2017:  Comfort & Joy

I’ve never been great at daily journaling – but I’ve always respected and valued the practice. Taking the opportunity to look back and reflect on the moments and experiences of the past not only remind a person of where they’ve been – but can also give insight into where they’re going. It’s amazing to see how things that seemed impossible in the moment, are miraculously worked out, with design and purpose.

So, with that in mind, as 2017 draws to a close, I have been intentionally reflecting on the year, and some of the moments that have impacted us as a family, as we prepare to usher in 2018.

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