Molly’s Toddler Room Reveal

Molly’s Toddler Room Reveal
This blog post features sponsored items from Rocky Mountain Decals and MASHROOMkids.

Well, it’s been a long time in the making, but I finally have another bedroom reveal on the blog!  As I’ve already mentioned in previous blog posts, we decided to shuffle our kids to different rooms this summer to make space for baby #4.  Our two big kids moved down to the basement, and Molly moved out of the nursery and into her own toddler room.


I have to admit, for as fun as all of the home updates have been so far, this bedroom really gives me all the feels!  Molly’s toddler room is surprisingly large; it’s actually the bedroom that Isla and Ben used to share before we moved them downstairs this past July.  So, figuring out how to decorate this large space for only one child took some time and creativity.  I ultimately decided to break the room up into three spaces – the bed area, the play area, and the dressing area.


Although the majority of my house has a very neutral colour palette, I love for my kids’ rooms to be something special and reflective of who they are as people.  Obviously Molly doesn’t have a lot of opinions when it comes to what her room looks like at this point, so I was really able to dream up my version of the perfect girly bedroom.

This room was also a lot of fun because of the many fun details I found to incorporate into the space, while also avoiding having to paint again. (This room was actually given a fresh coat of white paint only two years ago when we moved our big kids into the bedroom to share to make room for Molly in the nursery.) At that time, we had also painted one entire wall with chalkboard paint, so I knew my colour scheme for Molly’s toddler room needed to work well with a chalkboard wall, because I just love the feature too much to paint over.


My vision for the room really started to take shape when I came across this gorgeous removable wallpaper from Rocky Mountain Decals.  I had never used removable wallpaper before – in fact, I’ve never used regular wallpaper before!  I’ve always found it a bit daunting.  However, the idea of removable wallpaper was super appealing, and the patterns by Rocky Mountain Decals were so lovely that I knew I wanted to incorporate a statement wall in Molly’s room.  It was a tough decision, but I ended up choosing the Snowy Rose print, as I knew it would work great with the white and chalk walls already in the room.  It was also really easy to install!  Jeff and I spent a couple of hours one afternoon putting it up, and I was amazed at how easy the process was.

The wallpaper really served as the main source of inspiration for the entire room, and it was fun finding pieces that would compliment it.  I was able to use a few pieces that we already had, such as the bedside table, and the vintage dresser (although we did add a fresh coat of pink paint to the dresser so it would match a bit better).  I was also really excited to have spotted a gorgeous vintage bed frame at a garage sale this summer that works perfectly with the whole feel of the room.  A new duvet cover from HomeSense, and a few throw pillows from Chapters Indigo really brought her bed setup together.


One of the most special details in the room by far, however, is the play area/reading nook.  I am absolutely in love with the gorgeous canopy from MASHROOMkids, as well as the play mat which just add the perfect touch of magic to Molly’s space.  I can imagine her and Isla snuggled up in the space looking at picture books for hours; one day, when Molly gets older, the reading tent will transition perfectly to a canopy for above her bed. It also has to be said that the quality of this canopy and play mat are amazing!  A few shelves from Ikea adorned with Molly’s favourite bedtime stories, paper lanterns and throw pillows in the tent, and a couple of storage baskets for all of Molly’s favourite toys make this a really sweet and simple play-space.



Putting together these spaces for my kids this summer has really been such a fun process for me, and for them as well.  It’s so fun to see their personalities emerge, and also how they delight in their new spaces and really take ownership of them.  How do you blend your sense of home-styling with what your little people love?


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Isla’s Big Girl Room Reveal

Isla’s Big Girl Room Reveal
*This post includes sponsored items from Lorena Canals, Urban Walls, and Loloi Rugs.

This was most definitely the summer of home renovations for our family.  When our plans changed suddenly and we found out we couldn’t go on any of our scheduled trips, we decided to redirect our energy to doing some of the projects we have been talking about completing since we bought this house three years ago.

While almost every room in the house needed a touch-up here or there, one of the most fun rooms to tackle was Isla’s “Big Girl” bedroom.  We had been planning for several months to move Isla down to the basement this summer so that we could make space for Baby #4 upstairs.  I think both she and I were a tad nervous about moving her so far away, but with our basement being completely finished, it just didn’t make sense to cram four kids into two bedrooms upstairs when we had two spacious rooms sitting empty in the basement.

In order to prep Isla for the move and also to get her excited about it, we decided to give her a bedroom make-over as part of her birthday gift this year.  We also gave her a lot of say in how she wanted the room to come together.  At first, the control freak in me was nervous about letting her have design control, ha ha, but I set her up on my Pinterest account and let her find images that inspired her.  I have to say, I was very impressed with the images she selected.  Not only were they lovely and completely appropriate for a seven year old girl, they were also trendy and had a clear point of view.  She wasn’t all over the place, selecting a million different looks – she definitely had a vision for her space, and that made it really easy to put into action.

I have to admit, Isla’s bedroom is such a perfect mixture of whimsy and “big girl” details.  The overall colour palette is a blend of pinks, purples, and whites.  We decided to paint the walls a soft purple, and went with Lavender Sparkle 640C-2 by Behr Paint, in an eggshell finish.  I think it’s a great shade of purple that almost looks grey in certain light, and will probably transition nicely as Isla gets older and maybe grows out of some of the frillier details in her room right now.  We also created a feature wall in her room using the Twinkle Star removable decals from Urban Walls.  This was a really fun element to put together and It really gives the room a soft, fanciful feel.  It was also great that we could use the decals to create our own design and pattern, making it unique to Isla’s space.


For Isla’s bed, we decided to go with a day-bed, so we could get some extra storage underneath and avoid having to find a dresser for her space.  We found the perfect bedspread from Homesense, and throw pillows from a range of places, including the gorgeous multi-pink throw pillows that were gifted to us from Loloi Rugs.  I love that they are fun and playful, but could easily transition into a more mature look as Isla gets older.  Loloi Rugs also set Isla up with a gorgeous, ivory, faux fur blanket for her bed, which doubles up for added warmth as the nights get cooler.  The finishing touch to Isla’s bed is the netting which was purchased from Ikea.


Another area in the room that was really important to Isla was that she have an “office space” in her room.  Her favourite things to do are colour, draw, write, and make lists, and she adores playing “office”.  We accomplished this by making space for a really cute desk and chair, both purchased from Ikea, and finishing the space off with a fun desk lamp in a matching shade of pink, and some office supplies such as coloured pens and notebooks.  She also has great storage and shelving for all her craft supplies now as well.


Once we had those two areas of the room set up, we really just needed some final decor accents to pull the whole room together.  We ended up heading to our local party store and purchasing some fun wedding decorations – poms, lanterns, mini lights, etc, which we have strategically strung from the ceiling to tie all the areas of the room together. We also added a photo ledge, some fun art pieces, and hooks for a few of her favourite outfits to hang on.  In addition, we found the perfect pink fur rug for when she steps out of bed, and Lorena Canals sent us the most gorgeous tassel basket for all of Isla’s extra throw pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals.


Putting this room together was such a fun project for Isla and I!  I loved watching her creativity come through in her colour and decor choices, and I think her room is the perfect reflection of who she is.  I also love that she has really taken ownership of her space – she makes her own bed (strategically arranging all her throw pillows), organizes her desk space, and makes sure all her clothes are put away so that her space almost always looks the way it did when we were finally finished decorating it for the first time.  It has also made her transition into the basement so much easier, because it really is a space she loves spending time.

Thanks for taking the time to check out Isla’s big girl room reveal!  I have to admit, this room gives me all the girly-feels every time I step into it, and I feel like I’m getting the chance to relive my own childhood through my kiddos at times like this!  What does your fantasy kids room look like?!  Any suggestions for fun details we should add to Isla’s room?  Would love to hear your thoughts!

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DIY Shiplap Project

DIY Shiplap Project

When Jeff and I moved into our home back in 2015, we knew there were some changes we wanted to make over time.  The trouble for me, is that it takes me a long time to commit to a design decision, because I find that I am attracted to so many different styles and aesthetics.  I have loved the bohemian trend, mid-mod inspired decor, high-contrast details, and of course, the ever-popular modern farmhouse look made so trendy by my fav TV couple – Chip & Joanna Gaines.

As a result, it has taken a while for me to settle on the cohesive look I want to achieve throughout my home, but little by little, decisions are being made and changes are taking place.  Changes that are leaving me so happy with the results that I’ve wondered why I didn’t make the decision years ago!

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